CATHEAD in Gdańsk

A sea of good beer and some history

A sea of good beer and some history Cathead is a new multi-tap on the beer map of Gdańsk. The restaurant is equipped with 28 taps, which pour many different, carefully selected beers: from small local brewers, through smaller and larger Polish craft breweries, to the best foreign ones.

Of course, in addition to the standard multi-tap, we also offer a wide range of craft beers bottled in various countries. For those who prefer stronger drinks, we serve selected alcohols with special consideration of different types of whiskey. In addition, our offer includes delicious drinks based on great quality rum and gins. All beverages are ideal for consumption on our beautiful terrace, from which the view stretches out on the Motława River. What more could you want? Lovers of remarkable places, fancy beer and excellent whiskey from all over the world, come!

The pub itself is located at ul. Powroźnicza 19/20, right by the Green Gate, from where guests can enjoy a magnificent view of the Motława River. The interior is decorated in a maritime style, intertwined with brick motifs and oak and leather finishes with a small industrial accent.